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março 29th, 2011

Mysql performance – MaatKit

Posted by Felipe Olivaes in MySQL

included in Maatkit:

* mk-archiver Archive rows from a MySQL table into another table or a file.
* mk-audit Analyze, summarize and report on MySQL config, schema and operation
* mk-checksum-filter Filter checksums from mk-table-checksum.
* mk-deadlock-logger Extract and log MySQL deadlock information.
* mk-duplicate-key-checker Find duplicate indexes and foreign keys on MySQL tables.
* mk-fifo-split Split files and pipe lines to a fifo without really splitting.
* mk-find Find MySQL tables and execute actions, like GNU find.
* mk-heartbeat Monitor MySQL replication delay.
* mk-kill Kill MySQL queries that match certain criteria.
* mk-loadavg Watch MySQL load and take action when it gets too high.
* mk-log-player Split and play MySQL slow logs.
* mk-parallel-dump Dump sets of MySQL tables in parallel.
* mk-parallel-restore Load files into MySQL in parallel.
* mk-profile-compact Compact the output from mk-query-profiler.
* mk-query-digest Parses logs and more. Analyze, transform, filter, review and report on queries.
* mk-query-profiler Execute SQL statements and print statistics, or measure activity caused by other processes.
* mk-show-grants Canonicalize and print MySQL grants so you can effectively replicate, compare and version-control them.
* mk-slave-delay Make a MySQL slave server lag behind its master.
* mk-slave-find Find and print replication hierarchy tree of MySQL slaves.
* mk-slave-move Move a MySQL slave around in the replication hierarchy.
* mk-slave-prefetch Pipeline relay logs on a MySQL slave to pre-warm caches.
* mk-slave-restart Watch and restart MySQL replication after errors.
* mk-table-checksum Perform an online replication consistency check, or checksum MySQL tables efficiently on one or many servers.
* mk-table-sync Synchronize MySQL tables efficiently.
* mk-upgrade Execute SQL statements against two MySQL servers and compare the results.
* mk-visual-explain Format EXPLAIN output as a tree.

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